Purging Purvis                                                                                                                                                                                                    

In Clint Eastwood's film "J. Edgar," Hoover's 'partner’ Clyde Tolson reminds him he takes credit for most of Melvin Purvis' legendary fame. My current play (also film possibility) PURGING PURVIS:           

Famed FBI agent Melvin Purvis struggles with the disaffection of his boss J. Edgar Hoover who has unceremoniously demoted him out of jealous envy over his famed renown as a crime fighting hero— Sam Norris, a lowly African-American FBI Bureau employee flirts with the Purvis family nanny Dolly

Coker while they also share their empathy for Purvis and his wife Rosanne's frustrations over his treatment by Hoover—regarding his personal secrets and 'real' grievances against him--FBI Agents and ‘Others’ have their own ‘scuttlebutt’ regarding their Director.


Melvin Purvis                                        White, 30s-upward

                                                            J. Edgar Hoover                                    White, 40s, upward                                                          

              Rosanne Purvis                                      White  30s, upward            

                           Sam Noisette                                         African-American, 40s upward       

        2 Agents  (also as Others) *                     White Males, 30s-40s 

Set:            Downstage: Office of J. Edgar Hoover & Outer Office

       Upstage level or SL: Bureau Men’s Room, etc.

* (Greek chorus-style)  

                                                             Place:    Federal Bureau of Investigation                   

                                                             TIME:    30s, 40s, jumps to 60s as per dialogue.



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