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Today’s Times Square is a sea of screaming teens holding photos of a their white boy-group idols, desperately begging to be let up to the MTV studio where the group is being interviewed. The lobby of a giant cineplex entices with its huge screens that feature a loop of the latest singing and frolicking white girl-group. Hugging jumbo-sized popcorn, sodas, etc., young people watch transfixed.                                  

But, "Not so many years earlier"…

ROSCOE STRUTT, a.k.a. the "Napoleon Man", watches in disgust from the wing as the black teen group NEW GENERATION performs half-heartedly to a packed arena. Roscoe is angry over their outright betrayal by the hit pop group he created. A promoter with a growing reputation in the music business, Roscoe molded New Generation into the hottest singing and dancing act since the Jackson Five. Now, at the top of their success, the entire group wants to follow the example of lead singer, JOHNNY JAYE, who took legal action against Roscoe and severed ties with him. Johnny has since gone on to wildly successful career with his first solo single. The remaining members of New Generation now all want to go with Johnny's new management and emulate his freedom to get into rap and beyond.

Accusations fly concerning Roscoe's control of New Generation’s finances. Hurt, fed up, Roscoe ‘quits’ the group he put together and resolves to start over. But he will demonstrate to these young ingrates who made who. He will create a new group and show them all that he can repeat his success, and for spite this time, with a white group.

Roscoe lives up to his nickname "Napoleon" as he starts a campaign to find his new group. Casing out the clubs and malls for likely types, he later auditions the young men to find the right combination for his new boy-toy group. Finding his ‘perfect five’, he dubs them "Rock Steady". He puts them through his ‘boot camp’ of drills, singing and dancing lessons, from professional instructors to inner city kids to show them how. In short time, he’s fashioned Rock Steady into the biggest act in the business since the Beatles themselves.

Roscoe's estranged girlfriend, LEE SHERIDAN, tries to persuade him to channel his anger a positive way. She tries to set Roscoe straight as he begins to avenge himself with his new group. Rock Steady proves popular across the boards, as Roscoe engineers them to the top of the charts. He becomes even more inaccessible to Lee and everyone, submerging his feelings in a glitzy make-over persona, and his obsession to win.

Roscoe becomes flamboyant in his mock-military dress as he truly takes on the role of the brilliant general, with strategy, leading his troops to greater conquests of the American youth, and the entertainment world. His excesses, larger-than-life personality and publicity gimmicks, make him as popular as his new group. But soon, unhappiness, delinquency, rumors and his refusal to heed the warnings of those close to him, bring Roscoe full circle with the problems he faced at the outset, with lessons to relearn and get right this time around.

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