1.                                            Y A Fantasy/Adventure Novel inspired by Peter Pan


John Edward Byrd in collaboration with Sheree Sano


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 As our story begins, we meet fifteen-year-old, Shelby Simmons, who dreams of someday
 becoming a famous author. She and her siblings, Wade and Todd, have been allowed
 by their parents to stay up on a balmy summer evening to view the 4th of July fireworks
 from their favorite spot in nearby Prospect Park.
 While dozing dreamily after the fireworks, they are visited by a strange boy, Mpeta (em-
 PEE-ta), and his pixie-cute sidekick, Yam Yam, who have come to return Todd’s pet
 pigeon who had plummeted, lost and exhausted, onto Mpeta’s magical island.
 Shelby and her brothers are intrigued by Mpeta's ability to fly and by the wild stories he
 tells about his "Pack" of daredevil youths who fight bandits on his island called,
 After learning of Shelby's story-telling ability, Mpeta convinces her and her eager
 brothers to fly off with him to his mystical isle. When they land on Misbegot, Shelby and
 her brothers are drawn into the world of Mpeta and his Adventure Pack - wild and free
 youths who struggle to save their wondrous little island from predatory bandits - just as
 Shelby and her family are struggling to protect their Brooklyn home from under-handed
 real estate developers.
 Mpeta and his cohorts have long forgotten their African origins but Shelby's stories
 awaken vague memories of their past and the events that led them to their shrouded
 haven of Misbegot Island.


Thus: “Once upon a time, Past became Present"


For  more see: shereesano.com/ShelbyLostBoy.html

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