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                                                                Ala TV series: “Who Do You Think You Are?” 

         70s Brooklyn: African-American teen, Shelby Simmons aspires to be a famous author someday. One July 4th eve

         in the park, she has the astounding occasion to fly to the mysterious isle of “Misbegot,” along with her sibling brothers and the strange boy     

                  Mpeta and his pixie companion. On his island, Mpeta and other ‘lost boys’ have yearned for newer stories to hear other than their oft-repeated ones

                  of their daily wild adventures. Mpeta and his 'Pack' are amazed, confused, and possibly…vaguely…familiar with Shelby's    

                  'forgotten origin’ tale of bondage, escape,  and lost identity from their native homeland…Africa!                                                  



Imagine a captured African boy who escapes, along with other native boys, from a slave ship  headed to the  New World.  

They attempt to row their way back to Africa, but land instead on a mysterious and magical island  somewhere in the Caribbean-

there nothing is as it should be…including the natural process of growing up.  Inspired by Peter Pan, this African-American

adaptation of the classic story is one with a  significant metaphor to the black experience...past and present.



                                                                         Forgotten home, forgotten identity...

                                                                 adrift at sea and forever young on a mysterious isle



                                                    Finally, when Shelby and her brothers return home to Brooklyn..  

                                                         she has quite the tale to write about the 'forever boy!'*


                                                                                    *with sequels to come!       



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                                                                  "MISTER H.C. SPEIR EXPLAINS THE  BLUES, Y'ALL"

                                                                                    The Robert Johnson Project

              "My boys were the best blues boys recorded personally by me."  -H.C. Speir        




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                                        *further play concepts, etc, tba.




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